Junior Racers (and their parents) – Important notes!

Juniors 2014 Bethel

A few reminders for the Juniors (and their parents/guardians) planning on attending the race.

1. We cannot sell, and you cannot get on the site, a Junior license. This is because Juniors need to mail or send a scanned copy of the waiver. The electronic signature process, valid for adults, is not allowed for Juniors. Please make sure you renew your license before Sunday!

2. You must have a wet signature (i.e. not a photo copy) of your parent/guardian on the waiver. If you do not have on you will not be able to race. It is permissible to print out a waiver, have it signed at home, and then bring it to the race and fill out the rest of it. One Junior, part of a family of racing Juniors, said that he and his brothers have a pile of pre-signed waivers in the car.

Waiver available here (2015):


3. Juniors must use Junior gearing. This is covered in the USAC Rule Book (if you want a top the gear limits are on page 40 of the General section, but you’ll be skipping some other important information). Racers should at least read through the pertinent parts of the rule book (General, Road Racing, Discipline, and the Policies appendix) for the Aetna Nutmeg Spring Series. For later events, especially any championship type events a rider may enter, the Championships section is a must read. Obviously if you plan on doing other types of events then you need to know the rules for those types of events.

Remember that ignorance (not knowing the rules) is NOT an excuse. When you get a license you agree to follow the rules.

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